Tuesday, September 19, 2017

They all just wanted you for your money...trope by Rebekah Walton

Hot Guy in movie: All girls I dated wanted me for my money and not for me.

Nope. That didn't happen. Is that even possible? Are you telling me that none of them thought you were hot? Or were in love with you because you are nice and hot? Yeah, you have money so you could get some gold diggers, but mostly you probably met other people who were rich so, most of those people don't have to marry rich themselves.

Also, some gold-diggers have standards (not all mind you), some of them want a guy who looks good or at least average to marry. This is why not all gold-diggers are married to an old guy about to die. Look, dude there are plenty of girls who just want to marry someone hot, being rich is an added bonus. If you are hot in any respect, than mostly you will get girls who love you for your looks.

There are plenty of girls who would marry a hot dude even if he wasn't rich and was a normal dude. In fact, my sister who wants to be a gold digger (she is a gold digger with standards, he has to be a Christian and hot. GwS (Gold Diggers with Standards, Christian Gold Diggers)) said she would marry such a dude because he is hot. So, no I don't believe you couldn't find a girl who thought you were hot and wanted to marry you because of that. Or a girl who wanted to marry you because you are nice, I just don't believe you.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Anne with an E Netflix series by Rebekah Walton

Sorry, fans, this is not really Anne that we know and love from the Anne of Green Gables series. First to explain the problem and difference between this series and the books, I will have go back and compare the series side by side with the books. But, first let me rant a bit.

This Netflix series I feel does not understand who Anne of Green Gables or Anne Shirley Blythe is. Anne Shirley is more than just a red hair girl who loves her imagination. Infact, I don't think they even got her red hair down.

Anne's red hair was a complex issue about how Anne thought about herself. She thought she wasn't pretty and she always wanted to have nutbrown hair or even raven black hair like Diana Barry. In the Netflix series, Anne mentions her hair a few times and does get mad at Gilbert for teasing her and calling her carrots, but I got the feeling that was not the reason she hated Gilbert. She did not hold a grudge against him because he called her carrots like she did in the book, she just stayed away from him because she did not want to be bullied at school. Anne would never be bullied at school in the book, she would never allow herself to be bullied. Anne was too strong headed to allow herself to be bullied, she said what she thought and would not back down.

Plus, in the book, Anne only needed one friend to for herself to be  happy, and that friend was Diana Barry, her kindred spirit. In the Netflix series, The girls who bullied her at school told her not to talk to Gilbert. So, when the time came for her to get teased by Gilbert it only felt like she wanted to make the girls stop bullying her. In fact, there is one time she told Gilbert to go away and stop talking to her just because she saw the girls staring at them through a window. This is not the Anne of the book.

Anne in the book, hated Gilbert for quite sometime (a year only passed in the series, oppose to the amount of years that happen in the first book) (although it is unknown how long Anne held a grudge in the book, it definitely seems longer than a year.)

Anne in the book, makes a lot of decisions because of her red hair. This Netflix series barely spoke of her red hair, and did not even have her critical character development scene where she tries to dye her hair black but instead dyes it green. Also, despite the fact that they tried to make this Anne a romantic, they failed and this does not feel like the true Anne romantic of the book.

To describe and compare the list of things book Anne was compared to Netflix Anne I have prepared two lists:

Book Anne                                                                               Netflix Anne

Romantic                                                                                 Jane Eyre Romantic
Cares a lot about her looks                                                       forgets about her looks after awhile
has a short temper                                                                        has a short temper, sometimes
keeps a grudge for a few years at least            keeps no grudges against anyone, except the farm hand
red hair                                                                                                red hair
says what she thinks at all times                                               gets mad at random people for nothing
never could be bullied                                                                         needs psych help, has ptsd
  never discusses her parents but once                                               easily bullied
gets tons of friends and gets into trouble a lot                              meek, at times, independent at times
                                                                                                              got into way less accidents  

The thing that gets me the most about this series Anne oppose to the book is how damaged this Anne really is. She is not the bumbling girl that she is in the book, instead, she is a girl who needs psychological help from all her bullying and beatings she got in the past.

This series Anne confidently explains that she can do everything thing a boy can so they do not need a boy to help on the farm, and then proceeds to do nothing to help on the farm thus proving that they need a boy to help on the farm. Which is why they get a boy to help out, and then she gets mad at him because he is going to get her sent back to the orphanage or something. (They said if they hired a boy, that meant they were keeping her, she apparently wasn't listening.)

Not to mention, for some reason they make Gilbert lose his father in this series. This was quite annoying because now we have two depressed characters in the series. If this wasn't enough, they made Matthew almost commit suicide. Seriously, does everyone need to be depressed in this series.

Now I decided to do a case and point questionnaire comparing book to Netflix series:
 What would Anne do if this happened?

Situation: Anne was teased by Gilbert about her looks

Book Anne                                                                                    Netflix Anne

Hit him over the head with her board.                                       She was bullied into not talking
Was very angry with him and did not forgive                             to Gilbert. She only hit him to make
him for a long period of time.                                                           him stop talking to her. She really
                                                                                                                   never held a grudge against him.
                                                                                     She only stayed away because of the other girls.

Situation: Gilbert became an orphan.

Book Anne                                          Netflix Anne
Would have been sympathic to          Failed at talking to him very well and only said stuff that was
a point.                                               embarrassing. Super awkward.

Book Anne wasn't awkward.

Overall, the Netflix series made me feel depressed where as all other versions of Anne I am excited and enjoy watching them. Also, the most faithful adaptation I have seen so far is Anne of Green Gables the anime version. Yes, Japan made an anime for Anne of Green Gables. 

Here is a really good review on the Netflix series and how it cannot compare to the books:

I also found a another review that has a particularly good line about the difference between book Anne and Netflix Anne:

''Walley-Beckett’s Anne walks around with a giant chip on her shoulder, ready to crumble at the slightest provocation.'' 

For me, this pretty much sums up the Netflix Anne.

Another review points out things that had me nodding and agreeing.

     '' In a world where Superman no longer smiles, Archie Andrews is an ennui-filled singer-songwriter and Belle’s mother in “Beauty and the Beast” tragically dies of the plague, of course Anne has PTSD.''

Although, I do not agree with their overall review I did enjoy this line.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Anne Shirley Blythe by Rebekah Walton

The Anne of Green Gables series is essentially the Pride and Prejudice of Canada with Gilbert Blythe and Anne Shirley being treated like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in all the girls minds. Girls from England want the Mr. Darcy to marry and Canadians want Gilbert Blythe to marry. American girls look at William Jasper Collins as the perfect guy( just kidding, I guess that is just me) to marry.

There have been many portrayals of this beloved character from the Anne of Green Gables series written by Lucy Maud( without an e) Montgomery. With the new Netflix series coming out on May 12 I thought it was best to do a review on the many different actresses that have portrayed her in the past years. First let’s look at all the descriptions we have of Anne and compare the looks of the actresses to the character Anne.

A child of about eleven, garbed in a very short, very tight, very ugly dress of yellowish-gray wincey. She wore a faded brown sailor hat and beneath the hat, extending down her back, were two braids of very thick, decidedly red hair. Her face was small, white and thin, also much freckled; her mouth was large and so were her eyes, which looked green in some lights and moods and gray in others. So far, the ordinary observer; an extraordinary observer might have seen that the chin was very pointed and pronounced; that the big eyes were full of spirit and vivacity; that the mouth was sweet-lipped and expressive; that the forehead was broad and full; in short, our discerning extraordinary observer might have concluded that no commonplace soul inhabited the body of this stray woman-child of whom shy Matthew Cuthbert was so ludicrously afraid.

This is the first description we receive about her and therefore is the most trustworthy since it is from the author herself about Anne rather than another character about Anne. Rachel Lynde also has an opinion on the looks of Anne, but what Rachel says should be taken with a grain of salt since she is a nosey busybody and her opinions are usually wrong in the books.

“She’s terrible skinny and homely, Marilla. Come here, child, and let me have a look at you. Lawful heart, did any one ever see such freckles? And hair as red as carrots! Come here, child, I say.”

The other factor is that the hottest boy in school, for that is what Gilbert was thought Anne was cute and teased her to try to get close to her. A note on Gilbert, he also was a year older than everyone in school because he was held back one year.

So, although Anne may have a terrible opinion of her looks, she was not in fact, ugly even though she may have not been the one to stand out in a crowd for her looks except maybe for her red hair.

It is also commonly accepted that Anne’s illustration on the front cover of one of the original books was a drawing of Gibson Girl, Evelyn Nesbit. This lady was an actress and a model and was known for her beauty so at least in later years we can expect that Anne herself was very beautiful.

So, now on to all the actresses who portrayed this beloved character?
Unfortunately, this silent film was lost and so no one knows how well this actress could have played Anne’s character.

Anne Shirley as Anne Shirley and Tom Brown as Gilbert Blythe (1934)
This black and white film did an okay portrayal of Anne and gilbert even though the story tried to combine too many things into one story. She is also the first portrayal I saw of Anne on film. There is now a colorized version of this film you can buy. There was a sequel to this film made in 1940 and it had Anne Shirley still play Anne Shirley but the Gilbert actor changed to Patric Knowles. (The sequel is essentially lost because there is no official copies left, but there may be some that people have because they taped it from tv, my family has a copy.)

The next film was the first one actually made by the Canadians with William Cole as Gilbert Blythe and Toby Tarnow as Anne Shirley. The film is still in existence as clips of it were used in "Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Many Mauds", an episode of the 1996 CBC Life & Times documentary.

In 1957, a French version of Anne Shirley was made and I cannot seem to find any real pictures of that film. But the actress was Mirielle Lachance and Gilbert was Hervé Brousseau.

In 1958, Kathy Willard played Anne.

In 1952, a six part tv series was released and is now thought to be lost.
Carole Lorimer played Anne and David Spenser played Gilbert.

In 1972, tv series was created by BBC with Kim Braden as Anne and there was also a sequel series called Anne of Avonlea. Anne of Green Gables the tv series was lost but the Anne of Anvolea series can still be bought. I like this series a lot because it was able to touch on other aspects that the movies missed and bring in some of my chacters who were my favorite from the books but were really over looked. So, I really treasure this sequel series and wish I could watch the original and not just the sequel. Christopher Blake played Gilbert Blythe.

In 1979, Japan made an anime based on this book series:

Up to date, it is the most faithful version to the books I can find!

Then in 1985, the Sullivan films began. Megan Follows played Anne Shirley and Jonathan Crombie played Gilbert Blythe, these two are still the best loved by fans and are the standard that most fans look to when describing the perfect Anne and Gilbert. I loved the first film and I loved the actors but the next film was only okay and the third film missed the mark. For me you need a mixture of the Sullivan films, the Kim Braden version and the black and white version to get the whole mix of Anne. Or just go watch the anime of Anne.

Because of large problems with copyright and other issues the last of the three Sullivan films with Jonathan Crombie and Megan Follows was filmed and released in 2000, which is around 15 years after the other two.
A few years later in 2008, Sullivan decided he wanted to make more Anne movies so he made a prequel called: Anne of Green Gables a New Beginning. This prequel starred two Annes, and older and younger Anne. The actresses were Hannah Endicott-Douglas as Young Anne and Barbara Hershey as old Anne. Gilbert Blythe died and Anne was thinking about old times. Since I have never watched this version I cannot say much.

In 2007, Sri Lanka decided to make their own Anne film. Since this film shows Anne growing up there are two Annes in this film as well. The two actresses were: Vinuri Ramanayake as Anne Shirley and Poorni Kamaladiwela as Older Anne Shirley.

There was even a modern version of Anne of Green Gables made and even though it is not strictly a film or tv version, but instead a web series with a twitter page and YouTube channel and a Tumblr page, I just had to include it. This modern version is not half bad and even had a second series because fans enjoyed it. The series is called Green Gables Fables.

There is a second modern adaption made by Finland and it is called Project Green Gables. The story is conveyed in the form of vlogs. It is a modern adaptation of Anne, and many of the elements in it have been changed to better suit 21st-century culture. Laura Eklund Nhaga plays Anne.

My guess since I haven’t watched it yet is that it is like the Finnish version of Green Gables Fables.

Anne and Gilbert (note the stage musical of Anne is called this as well.) was also a themed episode of a show called Kissing in the Rain in 2014 on YouTube. Sean Persaud played Gilbert Blythe and Mary Kate Wiles played Anne of Green Gables.

L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables is a film that came out in 2016 and has a sequel coming this year. Although the film is supposedly about Anne it takes a sort of different perspective than most versions and comes off as a horrible adaptation missing most of the good parts of Anne of Green Gables by trying to make people relate to the adults of the story rather than Anne herself. Ella Ballentine plays Anne Shirley but I would not  place blame on her as an actress but rather on the script and director of this film.

Although, for the most parts up till now the Gilbert Blythe’s have all had dark hair and have been pretty handsome as he should be (for goodness sakes he is basically the Mr. Darcy of Canada), this Gilbert is neither tall, older or handsome as he was in the book. He is short and scrawny and has blond hair and not very good looking at all.

Not to mention, as my sister pointed out while watching the show there was a cute boy they could have used for Gilbert sitting right behind Anne in school but they went for this guy. Drew Haytaoglu plays Gilbert Blythe. Sorry, he was just not Gilbert, not to mention we only saw him like once or twice and we hardly knew Anne was mad at him.

In fact, I have images of the guy who should have played Gilbert Blythe in that film.

The next series which we are expecting of Anne of Green Gables is the Netflix series coming on May 12, 2017 and a musical version of Anne coming on DVD soon. The Netflix series is going to be a dark and gritty interpretation of the books including Anne getting bullied in school and that word I hate…..feminism. Anne in the books would have never gotten bullied by anyone since she hit Gilbert over the head with her chalkboard and she had tons of friends in school. Also, no one thought she couldn’t do something because she was a girl; she was one of the smartest in their class. The only girls who did something to her were just jealous because Gilbert Blythe liked her, but I would never say they bullied her. Anne Shirley is played by Amybeth McNulty and Gilbert Blythe is played by Lucas Jade Zumann.

That link is the trailer. So, in essence I think the Netflix series will be a very bad adaptation of this beloved series. Updated: Canadians already get to watch it and most of them say it is not as bad as the trailer makes it seem, so, plus there. That line,''Girls can do anything boys can do and better'' terrified me. It is such a stupid line and not something I feel like Anne would ever say, plus, they wanted someone to do farm work, Anne couldn't do that and they hired a boy to help out in the book. Strength wise boys would be better at the hard farm work then a girl that is just sense so, that line is incorrect anyway. I will update again when I have watched the show and review it myself, I hope the Canadians are right. 

What do you guys think?

Sunday, October 30, 2016

A City Girl living on a Turkey Farm by Rebekah Walton

Despite the fact that my coworkers and boss (at the movie theater) joke about me having weird ideas about life because I am ''just a farm girl'' and am not living in the real world, I have only living on a Turkey Farm for about two years, and it has not affected my life so much to change my views of the world.

(Previously, I use to live in the city of Seattle for nine years of my life until I moved into the suburbs of Renton for 3 years and then moved to Texas and lived in a campground for six months. After the campground my parents bout a motor home and we lived in that, until some friends offered we stay at their oversized shack on their farm. At that time, although we lived on a farm, we did not really have a farm and we only lived there for three years and then promptly moved to Colorado. In Colorado, we lived in suburbs once again and just two years ago bought a farm. Anyway, I will get back to this part later.)

When I lived in the city of Seattle, I guess I was not exactly the typical city girl you think of. I would listen to audiotapes of Sugar Creek Gang nearly all Saturday or any free time I had that I wasn't playing outside. I loved and still do love that series. Well, as any good fan of that series knows, you cannot get around the fact that all the main characters live on farms, and Bill Collins the main guy (who I had a crush on), talked about his farm life all the time. I wanted to live on a farm, it was my childhood dream, so to finally be able to fulfill it is a dream come true. Now, that does not mean that farm life is all fun and games. Farm life is very hard work and sometimes, you wish you did not have to do the hard work that comes with farm life. But, when you see the cute baby chicks and baby turkeys, see the toms puff up for the first time, look up and see the stars at night, hear the sounds of gobbling turkeys or pick fresh food from your garden(I love our dragon carrots) you realize why you wanted to live on a farm in the first place. I must say I love living on our farm and I am looking forward to having a barn.

Right now, since we have just recently started up our farm we have a limited number of animals and not enough buildings to get all the animals we dream of having. We have 3 cats (soon to get four, our fourth will be a Maine Coon, I can't wait.), 1 dog (she is around 17, we have had her for all years since she was a small puppy), 1 wild rabbit (our lop ear rabbit got accidently released on our farm and we can't find it, but that is another story for another time, our cats caught a wild rabbit and we saved it from them), about 150-200 birds counting chickens and turkeys (on an average day we get three dozen chicken eggs),  and 2 guard llamas (they guard the farm from foxes and neighborhood dogs). I am really hoping we can get ducks, hamsters, a horse or two (Icelandic horses are so cute!), geese, and a  hedgehog pretty soon. But, before that we need a barn, and since most farming communities (excluding Amish) have stopped having barn raising events, building a barn is going to be very hard.

Actually, if you think that is a lot of animals just wait for the number of animals we had in Seattle. We had frogs, salamanders, newts, lizards of all kinds, silk moths and worms, crickets, cats, a dog (the same dog), six chickens, 4-6 bunnies, a squirrel (for a short time), and a cockroach, a and that's all the animals I can remember I am sure we had some I am missing.  In Renton, we had 100 chickens, 6 cats, 1 dog (the same dog), and over 6 bunnies, an a iguana, and many other animals. For a short time in Colorado and Texas we had almost no animals around 3 or 4 (1 dog and 2-3 cats) but, thankfully that has changed. Personally, I love animals and could I constantly want more. When I get my own house it is going to be filled in and out with animals of some kind. The only animals I am against as pets are rats and mice. They should be food you feed to cats, snakes etc.

Yes, this farm girl may not have lived on a farm for long but she loves it and she wished she could live in the country or mountains forever. (I hate the city. I just love living out far away from everyone. My world is so much more awesome.) I even thought about living on a deserted island. You know you can actually buy your own island!

Here is footage of our farm:

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hua Mulan by Rebekah Walton

With the news of a coming Disney live action film, there are several things that I wish to mention and address. Despite what many people think Mulan is not a feministic story. Not even the Disney version of Mulan is feministic although people like to believe it is. (My opinion on a Chinese cast, please cast all famous actors of China if you want China to like it. And I would really like it if you cast Lay, Luhan, Kris, and Tao all as soldiers in this movie. They are also really big names in China.)

The point of the Hua Mulan legend is how she was loyal to her country China, this is what all the movies and other media about her in China are about. 

The Chinese legend describes her as a skilled warrior and a skilled seamstress. No one finds out that she is a woman and when they do no one cares. All anyone ever cares about is the good of China. She is good at everything kind of like the woman in Proverbs 31 which no one claims is feministic or somehow better than men because she is a really good wife. The same thing here, Mulan is really good at anything she does, they are not saying that women should rule over men or that women are better than men and should get more privileges, they are not even promoting equality between genders, they are just saying that China is awesome and everyone should die for it no matter if you are a man or a woman.

After the war, Mulan goes back to her normal life, she even gets married in most of the versions of the story.And most of the versions of the story have her soldiers finding out after the battle, when she invites them to her house that she is infact a girl. They don't care for the most part and go on with life. Although in a few versions, she marries one of them. Either way, it is not mentioned ever that she would be killed if found out and no one left her for dead when they found out. They said,''Awesome,'' and went on with life as normal.

Mulan in the Disney version (first movie only) is bad at everything. She is not good at being at woman or a man. She somehow makes people believe she is a man, although I guess she is not good at being a woman so they just think she is a loser guy. In this story, she somehow gets better at being a man by doing things not by strength but mostly working out a different way to do them and then saves the country of China and is left for dead when they find she is a girl. But, she sees the bad guys have not died and with some soldier buddies saves the emperor as a girl. Then she goes back home and the general proposes.

This Mulan is not feministic either (first movie only), she just believes honor is the best thing in life and she must fulfill this duty of honor. Even though she tends to fail at everything and somehow still get a guy.

The legend of Mulan is about being patriotic to China and that's it.

Links to legend of Mulan:

Links to movies of Mulan:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Black Privilege....White Privilege? Male Privilege......Female Privilege? by Rebekah Walton

I have never seen this privilege  people are referring to. I had chocolate friends in college and no one was talking about this privilege that us palefaces get. I have never seen a job that had something against anyone either, unless they were prone to commit a crime. I was a minority at my job as a janitor at the Denver Performing Arts Center, I was the only paleface female.

I did not feel excluded or somehow unprivileged at all, I talked to the girls at the job and they were all pretty friendly to me. The guys did sometimes talk but, I usually wasn't doing a shift with them. So, I haven't seen privileges either way.

My last job was working at a theatre, there was no excluding of anyone or creating privileges for anyone else, no matter what shade of color they might be or what gender. Now, over 30 years ago (actually way more than that) sure my mom was excluded because she was female in high school from a drafting class. But, one that was a long time ago and that was just her school. Not every school even thirty or so years ago had that probably. My mom tended to get the bad teachers in school and or a principal (when she was teaching) who did not think anymore than one computer was needed in a computer class, even though they had 30 students or so.

I have never seen male privilege  really in action at all. I would like to know where it is in action, because my mom majored in Physics (the only girl  in a group full of guys, that's where she met Dad). and in college she did not experience any of this supposed favoritism towards men. For those of you that think boyscouts is male privilege, it's not, it's just a place where boys can have some guy bonding time and actually make friends without having girls around to distract them. Both of my brothers were in Boyscouts and they had really great friends. If you feel excluded as a girl, join Venturing, I did. We even get to go to Philmont as a Venturer and you get a card that says you belong to the Boyscouts of America. So, you can technically say, I am a Boyscout. Venturing has some pretty high ranks and their top rank is harder than Eagle. (Not that I made any ranks while I was in it, I have heard this from other boyscouts, our venturing crew did not really worry about ranks we just had fun, hiking and climbing).

I would argue that if there is any prejudices going around, it's a prejudice against homeschoolers. I am homeschooled and I found a few obstacles in my way. When I thought I wanted to join the Marines (bad decision (for me) I know, thank goodness I have a smart Dad), I had to take a math test. I was told because I was homeschooled I had to get a higher grade than public school kids. (I got a higher grade and passed that test by the way).

Also, I have met people who hate homeschooling, I had a college teacher like this, we did not get along. Most tests that homeschoolers have to take end of the year more extensive than public school kids. They require more from us because we were homeschooled, why?

Now, a lot of people are going to argue that some colleges offer special scholarships for homeschoolers, and they are right some colleges do. Others may argue we tend to be smarter so of course we would be tested correctly according to our average grade. And of course, this is true but this is also an insult to public schooled kids.

But, saying that is like saying all public schooled kids are stupid. Now, maybe they are, but, that is no reason to embarrass the public school kids and require everyone to get a higher grade than them. (Just joking guys, I have public school friends). This is prejudice against homeschoolers for learning more in school.

[Now, the facts truly show that homeschoolers in general just tend to test better than the public schooled ones. Why is this? Well, we are made to learn the info while others (the kids who were not left behind because of the No Child Left Behind Act) barely learned how to read and were pushed through highschool. So, what am I saying? Well, some kids need more time than others and we should not just push them through at a unruly speed so that spend 12 years learning nothing.]

But, all that to say a point I have never seen privileges either way, Male, Female, or any shade of color privilege.

Links to resources: