Sunday, July 07, 2013

Aurora Colorado Tragedy

Listen to this it might help if you are still struggling with the shooting as I am.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Ocean Girl and other Aussie Telly shows by Rebekah Walton

Yes, I did use the word Telly in my title. I know that is what the British say, but, what can I say my sister (the austenite) just got back from a trip to England and Scotland on Icelandair. Anyway, on to Aussie shows that I like. The list of shows I have watched that are Aussie include the following:

H20: just add water (my first)


Ocean Girl

The Elephant Princess

As the Bell Rings (Aussie version)

I am going to watch these shows:

Mako Mermaids (there's a merman in it.)

Ocean Girl: A New Generation

Escape to Jupiter and Return to Jupiter

These shows I would fully recommend for anyone who loves Aussie shows. Now here are the couples I like from those shows and trailers for those shows:

Cyber Girl

The Elephant Princess

H20: Just Add Water

Ocean Girl:

As the Bell Rings:

Mako Mermaids:

Escape from Jupiter:

Return to Jupiter:

Anyway, this is me introducing you to Aussie shows.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Say Initials but mean something different by Rebekah Walton

I saw a shirt the other day that said,''I love JC.'' So, as I was trying to figure out what that meant I thought of something really funny to do. Think of common initnals that many people use in daily life:
After you have done that go back and think of random meanings for these initials.See my random meanings below.Then use these initials in everyday speech referring to the meanings you have put to them. It is fun to confuse people by doing this.
My example random meanings:
ASP = Applesauce Pie, Apricot Summer Pudding,
AC = Alvin and the Chipmunks
BLM= By the Lion's Mane
PC=Prince Caspian (I did not make this up, common Narnia fan meaning)
JC=Jersey Cow
WIFI=What is for iltapala? (Finnish for Supper or Tea.)
CGI=Cream Garlic Icing (not sure if this sounds tasty at all.)
DC= Doctor Centennial (the 100th anniversary of the Doctor or Doctor Who (which has not occurred it), could also be referring to the 100th episode of Doctor who which is ''The Stones of Blood'' with the 4th Doctor.)
IBM=Ice Block Machine (The machine used to make Ice Blocks)
CNN=Communist National News ( I can't take credit for this one at all. One of my teachers said it.)

If you make up some awesome ones I'd love to hear them. Please comment with them below.

Rose Tyler in Doctor Who By Rebekah Walton

Rose Tyler. One of the Best loved female characters of Doctor Who. She was the second or third female character companion of the Doctor I saw. (I can't remember if I saw Martha before her or not. I know my first female companion I saw was Donna in the Agatha Christie episode.) Because she is loved, her pairings are many. She travels with the 9th and 10th Doctors and she is the only really constant companion of the 9th Doctor.She, also, has a very tragic story line. I think one of the most tragic.

Now starts the Spoilers:
Her father died when she was very young and she lived with her mom who in short was  a very rash and goes after every guy ever,but, it seems that her mom dearly loves her and cares about her.

Her mom really has huge problems with the 9th Doctor but she seems to forgive him pretty much when he sends Rose back to her.

Her boyfriend is okay, but she still considers herself to be,''footloose and fancy free, and very available''. Although she meets the 10th Doctor before, she does not realize this as she thinks he is a drunk and she only sees him in the shadows.  When she first really meets the Doctor she is getting attacked by plastic aliens. He was the ninth doctor at this time. She  starts traveling with the Doctor from then on and seems to care about him way more than her boyfriend Mickey.

She sees him later regenerate into the 10th Doctor and travels with the tenth Doctor promising to'' stay with him forever''. She would have if it wasn't for the Daleks or the Cybermen. She got pulled into a parallel universe, she is only able to send messages to the Doctor at this time as she finally sends that she loves him. He is cut off from responding at that time unfortunately.

When she is finally able to transport to where the Doctor is, she gets in the middle of a big battle. The Human Doctor is created as well as Doctor Donna.

The Doctor thinks it is best for the Human Doctor to marry Rose instead of himself so he sacrifices his happiness by not answering the question if he loved her or not. So, she is left with the Human Doctor in a parallel world and the Doctor leaves with Donna.
Now the Spoilers stop.

Anyway, she is my favorite girl companion of the Doctor. Here are some pictures and clips of her:



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sherlock the Tv Show *Spoilers* by Rebekah Waton

This is a very interesting British tv show. If I had heard of this back before I watched Psych or the Sherlock Holmes movie( 2009), my reaction to this tv show would have been different.

 I read a couple of Sherlocks back in the day. Mostly,The Red Headed League, and Speckled Band. But I disliked Sherlock. My favorite character was Dr. Watson.

I found Sherlock really annoying. He just knew too much, and we weren't even usually given enough clues to figure out the mystery. I  have never been one to figure out cases in the first place. Probably the real reason I hated Sherlock had something to do with the Red Headed League.
 I really love people with red hair it is the coolest colour of hair ever. Hmmm.....Mostly likely it has to do with that. I believe I wanted there to be really a Red hair association.

 Also, I felt that Watson was made really dumb in one of the mysteries, that made me upset as well. But enough about that.

 On to the Tv show. I love this show. Sherlock looks so cool and he is smart like Shawn Spencer and Dr. Watson is not as dumb as he seemed in one of the books. They are all awesome.


I love it when Sherlock gets upset at the people pointing a gun at Mrs. H., their landlady.

 I also love in the Baskerville case, how Sherlock tried an experiment on Watson. I also loved how Sherlock apologized to Watson in that episode.

Here are some clips of my favorite scenes so far:


Sunday, October 07, 2012

I have Rebekah Walton

I have decided to stop watching American tv shows. Instead, I will be only watching British, Aussie, Kiwi (mostly they have reality so very little I want to watch), and Canadian.

 I will changing fully over to these when Psych and White Collar end but for now I am going to sstop watching all the rest of the tv shows I have been watching that are American.

Victorious is ending,( so I really don't even have to give up that,) Good Luck Charlie (really not as entertaining, I was only watching for Gabe anyway.), Icarly ( I have stopped watching since 5th season), Jessie, Austin and Ally, Pair of Kings (I have stopped watching since Brady left), Baby Daddy ( All I have to do is watch music videos and clips on youtube to see when Danny and Riley will finally get together.), Shake it up, Ant farm, Lab Rats,and Covert Affairs( third season is going to be too dramatic anyway) I have given all these up.

Frankly, I don't think it will be a huge deal. I am finding slowly but surely that almost every other country has better plots for their tv shows than we do.

These shows I have already begun or finished watching that aren't American: H20: just add water ( I ignore the third season like most of it didn't happen), Cybergirl, Sherlock ( I will review this later), Elephant Princess, Blue Water High ( I have only watched the third season so far), Connor Undercover ( only Canadian tv show so far), and Jane Eyre (British tv show).

I will start watching these shows most likely: Mako Mermaids ( Secret of Mako Island)(they added a merman it's got to be funny), Legend of the Seeker(maybe), Packed to the Rafters, Slide (unsure about this one really) that's all for now that I know. I haven't really gone through the Bristish or Canadian tv shows list yet.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ken Ham- Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel by Rebekah Walton

This is a summary, not a review of what Ken Ham in his speech called:Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel at the Chec conference. He usually does this speech for kids, although this one was slightly edited from his kids speech, less audience interaction.

There are seven ages of dinosaurs and they are:
Found -AD 1800 to present
Fiction  -now

The history of dinosaurs
Dinosaurs were created on Day 6- because the large land animals were created on Day 6. The term Dinosaur only refers to the land animals, flying and water ones are not dinosaurs. So, there are no such thing as flying dinosaurs or water dinosaurs. Dinosaurs lived with Adam and Eve. We were created on Day 6 but we were created differently then animals. The average size a dinosaur was the size of a sheep. Elephants are bigger than the T-Rex was. If someone says the dinosaurs were formed billions of years ago or the big bang happened billions of years ago and that is how the earth came about, ask them this question: Where you there? (very politely and in a kind way, of course.)

 Bible Verses that mention these dinosaurs and the flying kind and water types: Isaiah 30:6, Job 40: 1, 19, 20, 21, and Job 40: 15-19.

People  and animals use to be Vegetarians according to Genesis 1: 29-30. But in Genesis 9:3- God gives us all things to eat. Which means we can eat a hotdog because a hotdog is all things.

 If an animal has sharp teeth that does not mean the animal eats meat it just means they have sharp teeth. There are many examples of this including Panda Bears, Fruit Bats and Gorillas. They all have sharp teeth but they do not eat meat.

Noah's Ark was a real boat that Noah built. The ark had more than enough room for all the animals and was not like a giant bathtub. Noah did not have to get all the varities of animals on the ark, he just had to get all the families of animals on the ark because all the varities come from particular family animal groups. There is one family of dogs. There are only about a thousand kinds of animals, only a thousand family groups. So, Noah had to only take about 2 to 3 thousand animals on the ark. There are 50 kinds of dinosaurs, or families of dinosaurs.

Noah's ark is also a picture of Jesus. Jesus is the doorway and God closed the door to the ark.

Also since there was a world wide flood you would expect to see: Billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth.

Now to the answer you were all waiting for. What happened to the dinosaurs? They died.

Could the dinosaurs not be extinct we just haven't found them yet? It is possible the plants Wollemi Pines which everyone thought was extinct and was found in fossils with dinosaurs was found not to be extinct.

Here is the basic summary of his speech.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Clois in Smallville (*Spoilers for Seasons 4-10 ) by Rebekah Walton

Clark and Lois. The couple that is destinted to be with one another, in the comics. Do not worry, they eventually get together in Smallville but a lot of stuff happens before then. Also, they make Chloe Sullivan Lois's cousin.

Finally, you're thinking, finally, I got to the only Superman comic book cannon couple for Clark Kent. If you are thinking that you are kind of wrong but she is the girl he eventually marries so you are correct in thinking they are perfect together or she is the only one for Clark.

Despite the popular belief that Clark Kent has only loved Lois Lane this is in fact not true. (He dated a mermaid in college and in some comic editions he loved Lana Lang.) But instead of delving into that we will instead discuss the couple that actually lasts in the Smallville tv show and is the main couple in all the Superman movies so far.

Now, you might wonder why Lois and Clark is not the only pairing for Clark or why there are so many fans of Clark with someone else. But they are pretty popular they have 2,000 pages or so of fictions and they hold out for seven or eight pages of you tube videos.

But I think why not everyone loves the couple at least in Smallville is because of the many love triangles they made and Lois coming in late to the tv show about 4th season. I personally like Lois Lane better in movies than in the Smallville tv show. She seems so different in the show than in the Superman movies. Okay, enough ranting.

 Summary of the pairing in Smallville:
The relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane has developed slowly over the years from bickering friends, dynamic partners and ultimately romantic lovers, even surpassassing the relationship between Clark and Lana.

Spoiler filled summary:

Their destined relationship began when they met at the beginning of his senior year of high school when Lois found Clark lying naked in the middle ofMiller's Field.[1] They often bickered but despite these disputes, Lois and Clark have been shown to care a lot about each other.[2] They gradually fell in love months after Lois returned from the future.[3]

Lois's role in Clark's life is crucial, as she provides him with an "anchor" to his humanity, allowing him to forge and sustain bonds with people and keep him human at heart so that she is able to "ground" him.

 It is also Lois's fierce belief and determination in Clark that helps him to embrace his destiny to become a hero.Even while the two were just friends, more than one person has commented on their chemistry over the course of their friendship. 

When Oliver Queen began a romantic relationship with Lois, he half-jokingly commented that Clark masked his feelings for Lois with sarcasm due to the two of them living under the same roof for so long.

 Jimmy Olsen set them up for a date on Valentine's Day on the grounds that they had chemistry, yet Lois remained unconvinced, describing their potential relationship as "hot fudge and halibut". A mystic named Star later cryptically told Jimmy that she had a feeling that Lois and Clark's destinies were more intertwined than anyone realized.

 Then there was Maxima who had come to Earth to persue a relationship with Clark, but her attempts failed when Lois caught her and Clark together, breaking her hold on him. Maxima told Lois that Clark would have never been able to break through her hold had it not been for his feelings for Lois.

 Lois has also demonstrated a certain attraction for Clark on the three occasions where she has witnessed him openly using his powers, although she has always forgotten what she saw in the aftermath.
They eventually do get married but it takes awhile.

Here are a list of Clois videos:

Here is a a list of fan fictions:

Lena or Lexana in Smallville (Spoilers for Seasons 5 and 6) by Rebekah Walton

Lex Luthor and Lana Lang. I do not really like this couple or understood this couple. But to be fair to the fans that like this I never really saw any episodes with any couple moments. They do actually get married and Lana Lang becomes Lex's third wife. Personally, I can't decide if she was a worse wife than the first one. But that is just because I get annoyed with Lana Lang easily. I even felt sorry for Whitney. Why did so many guys fall in love with her? Clark, Whitney, and Lex Luthor and many more. But with Lex Luthor the case is different. He has lost the wife he loved Helen,(yes, I know that was a few seasons ago, but really not much time has past he is not over her yet. I believe he never will be.) and here comes a girl who he has know for quite a time and sometimes she reminds him of Helen. (In some cases in pictures I found she even looks like Helen. It is scary.)

I really shouldn’t be writing about this. I don’t like Lexana. Just to make it clear what this is like to non fans of Smallville, imagine Dr.Who…with…. no, wait people like her. Imagine Tori with…. No, wait people like him with her. Imagine  Huh! Imagine a girl you find really annoying with a really smart funny guy. That is what it is like to myself and my siter.

Really, I believe Lex deserves better than her. The only thing I can really say about this couple that is good I that their couple name sounds good. Lexana is a very acceptable sounding couple name. I would like to say mre positive things about this couple but I can’t. In fact, I am not sure really why she left the marriage. Did he beat her? Was he mean to her? Huh! Lex has always seemed to have a sprt of respect for women in the sense that even when women creeped him out he just  wants to help them. He was just very nice to women and girls.

He also loved his mom when she ws still alive. I can’t imagine him actually getting mad at a woman and yelling at her or beating her. (The only time where he really got upset to a point  was  when he was with Helen and he still did not really yell or beat her.) Anyway, I actually was looking up Lana photos a few days ago and I found this picture and I compared it to one of Helen’s pictures.
Lana Lang
Dr. Helen Bryce

That is frightening that they look alike. Also watch the proposal  of Lex to Helen, Helen's hair should look Lana's hair down.

Which brings up to me many thoughts of the fact that Lex is morning over his wife Helen still and finds Lana who looks similar sometimes to Helen his second wife. Wow! That is in itself really sad. Lex didn’t really love Lana for Lana, he loved Lana because she (this is just my theory, remeber.) looked like Helen his second wife. (I know, Helen has been gone for a few years but Lex did truly love Helen and is certainly not over her in Season 5.)Of course then he want to marry her. Of course, he would then fake she was pregnant with his child. Picture of Lex and Lana with kids. Picture o wedding of Lexana.

Well, after that long intro I will give a summary of their relationship and leave some links as always.
Lex and Lana have been friend for a while, or at least Lex approved of Clark going after Lana in Season 1-4 ish. 

In Season 5, a lot of traumatizing stuff brings the two of them together and Lex starts to fall in love with Lana. 
In fact, as we see in an Alternate Universe, Lex marries Lana and they have two kids when Lana dies tragically.

 In real life, Lex and Lana become closer until in Season 6, Lex fakes that Lana is pregnant and the two of them get married. 

Not long after she find out she wasn't pregnant.  

Lana then begans to manipulate Lex into continuing to trust her but finally declared her love for Clark and told Lex that she had known about the fake baby and was leaving him. Shortly afterwards, Lana's car exploded and Lex was arrested for murder.

Chlark in Smallville by Rebekah Walton

Chole and Clark. She has had a crush on Clark since the pilot episode. But despite that they only get together like twice throughout the episodes and seasons. This is incrediblily weird since Chloe loves Clark for almost for seasons straight. I used to really like this couple, and most of the time you feel pretty depressed for her. Frankly, I believe she deserves someone a lot better than Clark, so any other guy that she is friends with is a potential shipping.Not to mention, I became a huge fan of Calicia.

This is a summary of their shipping with spoilers from seasons 1 -10:

Clark and Chloe are friends who first met in eighth grade when Chloe moved from Metropolis.
It was a poorly-kept secret that Chloe has been in love with Clark in some varying degree since they met. Clark has admitted that he has thought about pursuing a romantic relationship with her. [1] Towards the end of their freshman year, Clark and Chloe attended the Spring Formal as a couple, but it was interrupted by a tornado. Shortly afterward, Chloe declared that they should just remain friends, to which Clark agreed.
As one of the first people to learn Clark's true origins, Chloe has become Clark's closest friend. Clark knows he can count on Chloe any time he needs her. [2] However, in Season 9, Clark's reliance on Chloe and trust in Chloe's instincts shifted drastically after the traumatizing aftermath of his battle with Doomsday.

 He stopped sharing intimate details of his life with her and they seemed to be more perfunctory than anything else. However, they finally resolved their differences towards the end of the season and gradually rebuilt their friendship. He is normally protective of her and her safety and has saved her life many times.
When Chloe got engaged to Jimmy Olsen in 2008, she and Clark acknowledged that some things would change between them, but Clark stated that he would accept whatever changes necessary because her happiness was one of the most important things in the world to him. (Plastique)
Here is a list of video links for the shipping:

As you can probably tell by the number of videos this is a very common shipping on youtube.
Here is a list to fan fiction links for this pairing: