Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Biblical Talks Series by Rebekah Walton and Family

I decided I was going to do some Biblical discussions on my blogger. I will be picking people mentioned in the Bible and do in depth studies on them from using the Bible and some out side historical sources if any can be found.

I decided this would be quite fun and I could state some opinions of these people by members of my family. These would be most likely people who some tend to forget about or there is not a not written on them. Also, I decided to do some posts on people from the Bible and what my siblings think of them. In these posts, I will be picking people my family has found that many people tend to see in a different light from my family. We will be stating our views on these people and probably bringing up some things that most people tend to forget about them.

Why I decided to do these posts, well, in general I have gotten tired of people saying things that when I looked up the verses did not seem to follow from the Word and some things which are repetitively wrong in children's books. The main idea is to address these inaccurate things and present the real people from the Bible.

The worst thing we could do is misrepresent what the Bible says to others.

For those who want to know, I am not a Biblical scholar in Greek or Hebrew and no one is my family is a pastor, but, I have read the scriptures a lot and listened to a lot of sermons and I will be reading commentaries on these things.

The first three people will be Jacob, Michal (David's Wife), and Matthias (the 12th disciple).

Thursday, March 05, 2015

The race of guys I like and love by Rebekah Walton

The guys who are part of the human race. I am not in love with animals, or parts of plants. At least not in the same way. The men I like do not have to look similar in anyway shape or form. And most of them do not follow my ideal look in a guy at all. 

Frankly, my ideal look for a guy would be a full head of red hair and a duck dynasty beard (I am not joking, I love their beards.). But, this does not describe frankly most of the guys I meet, or see. And this does not stop me from liking multiple guys who look nothing like this. But, in my personal opinion, all guys (regardless of whether they have a beard or not or can grow a duck dynasty beard) would look ten times better with a beard. So, now I will list a number of guys I like: (Some of them look similar and some do not)

Will Poulter from Narnia and the Maze Runner. Frankly, I was distracted the whole time in Maze Runner I was just fan girling the whole time over him!Maybe it's his eyebrows too, I know I have a thing for eyebrows.

Skandar Keynes from Narnia as Edmund. I love his hair especially when it's curly or wavy.

David Hoflin from Ocean Girl, here is a picture from back then, and here is a picture from now in the present. 

He has a beard in this picture!

Now, this one may catch you in surprise for Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville is completely bald in this picture. And although, it is true in real life that Michael is not bald, I did not see his pictures with his hair until recently. I liked him in Smallville and I never saw him with hair in Smallville. He pullls off the bald look very well. 

Christopher Eccleston from Doctor Who (Doctor 9) and Heroes. He looks good with and without a beard, but, I prefer the with beard look in Heroes. But, I did see him in Doctor Who first and he is my favorite Doctor.

Choi Siwon from Super Junior, who I might add also looks awesome with a beard, is next on the list. He is the only one so far that I could possibly marry, because he, unlike the rest so far, is a devoted Christian. I don't know about the rest but,I know about him because he makes it obvious. Yes, I like Korean guys who sing and act, because what is there not to like about that?

Benedict Cumberbatch is the next one, and he just got recently married, so,congratulations to him and the new Mrs. 

Kim Woo Bin a Korean Model, and an Actor, has to go next. Again I love his eyebrows. 

Choi SeungHyun or as He is known by his stage name T.O.P. He is a rapper in the Kpop group BIGBANG. Again another guy with awesome eyebrows. What is up with these guys and their eyebrows?

Lee Seung Ki, Korean actor and singer, he can even pull off the long hair look. And I love his dimples when he smiles, they make me smile. He recently started dating his longtime crush Yoona, so I wish him the best and I am really happy for him.

Choi Jin Hyuk, Korean Actor, who played the father of Lee Seung Ki in a tv show, also can pull off the long hair or short hair look.

Kim Soo Hyun, a Korean actor who can sing, is now promoting Korea more than ever before. If you go into an Hmart or Face Shop, you will definitely see him on things.

Jang Geun Suk, my favorite Korean Actor, is awesome and also uses his eye brows while acting. These men and their eyebrows. 

Ahn Jae Hyun is a Korean model and an actor, similar to Kim Woo Bin. He just recently got a part playing a vampire in Blood a new kdrama. But, he is more well known for his part in my Love from the Stars.

 Lee Jong Suk is a Korean Model and Actor and has played in a number of lead roles.
Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin are best friends as they are both models and actors and have many times done things together. In fact, they were leads in a drama called School 2013 and played best friends.

Now, back to what I was orignailly talking about. I wanted to make the point that I just don't like guys that look alike. Frankly, even though most of these guys were Korean it really had nothing to do with their nationality. I like them for their looks, yes, but, their looks are very different from each other. (I also love their personalities.)

Now, the only I do have to admit that my first crush in real life was a blond so, that might have something to do with the blonds in this list. 
But, as you can see that is not an overwhelming majority among these guys. Plus, these are not the only guys I like there are many more, but, that would take to long to list them all.

Anyway, the reason I decided to do this was to prove that I just don't like one particular look of a guy. I don't care about his nationality or color of his skin, that does not matter to me. There have been some African American guys which I thought had good looks as well, but, they happen to not be celebrities, so, I did not want to put them on here. I also, like Amish guys, but, you can't get their picture at all. If I were to marry an Amish guy, I would definitely become Amish with him, and I would no longer use the internet, but, it would be a dream come true for me!

Someone once asked why some white girls like Asian guys. To answer this just look at the Koreans guys above, or for that matter think about it, they are all guys no matter what country they came from. 

Also, to all the other people who opposed to different nationalities marrying each other, think about it we all came from the same race, the Human Race.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Aurora Colorado Tragedy

Listen to this it might help if you are still struggling with the shooting as I am.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Ocean Girl and other Aussie Telly shows by Rebekah Walton

Yes, I did use the word Telly in my title. I know that is what the British say, but, what can I say my sister (the austenite) just got back from a trip to England and Scotland on Icelandair. Anyway, on to Aussie shows that I like. The list of shows I have watched that are Aussie include the following:

H20: just add water (my first)


Ocean Girl

The Elephant Princess

As the Bell Rings (Aussie version)

I am going to watch these shows:

Mako Mermaids (there's a merman in it.)

Ocean Girl: A New Generation

Escape to Jupiter and Return to Jupiter

These shows I would fully recommend for anyone who loves Aussie shows. Now here are the couples I like from those shows and trailers for those shows:

Cyber Girl


The Elephant Princess

H20: Just Add Water





Ocean Girl:





As the Bell Rings:




Mako Mermaids:


Escape from Jupiter:

Return to Jupiter:

Anyway, this is me introducing you to Aussie shows.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Say Initials but mean something different by Rebekah Walton

I saw a shirt the other day that said,''I love JC.'' So, as I was trying to figure out what that meant I thought of something really funny to do. Think of common initnals that many people use in daily life:
After you have done that go back and think of random meanings for these initials.See my random meanings below.Then use these initials in everyday speech referring to the meanings you have put to them. It is fun to confuse people by doing this.
My example random meanings:
ASP = Applesauce Pie, Apricot Summer Pudding,
AC = Alvin and the Chipmunks
BLM= By the Lion's Mane
PC=Prince Caspian (I did not make this up, common Narnia fan meaning)
JC=Jersey Cow
WIFI=What is for iltapala? (Finnish for Supper or Tea.)
CGI=Cream Garlic Icing (not sure if this sounds tasty at all.)
DC= Doctor Centennial (the 100th anniversary of the Doctor or Doctor Who (which has not occurred it), could also be referring to the 100th episode of Doctor who which is ''The Stones of Blood'' with the 4th Doctor.)
IBM=Ice Block Machine (The machine used to make Ice Blocks)
CNN=Communist National News ( I can't take credit for this one at all. One of my teachers said it.)

If you make up some awesome ones I'd love to hear them. Please comment with them below.

Rose Tyler in Doctor Who By Rebekah Walton

Rose Tyler. One of the Best loved female characters of Doctor Who. She was the second or third female character companion of the Doctor I saw. (I can't remember if I saw Martha before her or not. I know my first female companion I saw was Donna in the Agatha Christie episode.) Because she is loved, her pairings are many. She travels with the 9th and 10th Doctors and she is the only really constant companion of the 9th Doctor.She, also, has a very tragic story line. I think one of the most tragic.

Now starts the Spoilers:
Her father died when she was very young and she lived with her mom who in short was  a very rash and goes after every guy ever,but, it seems that her mom dearly loves her and cares about her.

Her mom really has huge problems with the 9th Doctor but she seems to forgive him pretty much when he sends Rose back to her.

Her boyfriend is okay, but she still considers herself to be,''footloose and fancy free, and very available''. Although she meets the 10th Doctor before, she does not realize this as she thinks he is a drunk and she only sees him in the shadows.  When she first really meets the Doctor she is getting attacked by plastic aliens. He was the ninth doctor at this time. She  starts traveling with the Doctor from then on and seems to care about him way more than her boyfriend Mickey.

She sees him later regenerate into the 10th Doctor and travels with the tenth Doctor promising to'' stay with him forever''. She would have if it wasn't for the Daleks or the Cybermen. She got pulled into a parallel universe, she is only able to send messages to the Doctor at this time as she finally sends that she loves him. He is cut off from responding at that time unfortunately.

When she is finally able to transport to where the Doctor is, she gets in the middle of a big battle. The Human Doctor is created as well as Doctor Donna.

The Doctor thinks it is best for the Human Doctor to marry Rose instead of himself so he sacrifices his happiness by not answering the question if he loved her or not. So, she is left with the Human Doctor in a parallel world and the Doctor leaves with Donna.
Now the Spoilers stop.

Anyway, she is my favorite girl companion of the Doctor. Here are some pictures and clips of her:



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sherlock the Tv Show *Spoilers* by Rebekah Waton

This is a very interesting British tv show. If I had heard of this back before I watched Psych or the Sherlock Holmes movie( 2009), my reaction to this tv show would have been different.

 I read a couple of Sherlocks back in the day. Mostly,The Red Headed League, and Speckled Band. But I disliked Sherlock. My favorite character was Dr. Watson.

I found Sherlock really annoying. He just knew too much, and we weren't even usually given enough clues to figure out the mystery. I  have never been one to figure out cases in the first place. Probably the real reason I hated Sherlock had something to do with the Red Headed League.
 I really love people with red hair it is the coolest colour of hair ever. Hmmm.....Mostly likely it has to do with that. I believe I wanted there to be really a Red hair association.

 Also, I felt that Watson was made really dumb in one of the mysteries, that made me upset as well. But enough about that.

 On to the Tv show. I love this show. Sherlock looks so cool and he is smart like Shawn Spencer and Dr. Watson is not as dumb as he seemed in one of the books. They are all awesome.


I love it when Sherlock gets upset at the people pointing a gun at Mrs. H., their landlady.

 I also love in the Baskerville case, how Sherlock tried an experiment on Watson. I also loved how Sherlock apologized to Watson in that episode.

Here are some clips of my favorite scenes so far:


Sunday, October 07, 2012

I have decided.........by Rebekah Walton

I have decided to stop watching American tv shows. Instead, I will be only watching British, Aussie, Kiwi (mostly they have reality so very little I want to watch), and Canadian.

 I will changing fully over to these when Psych and White Collar end but for now I am going to sstop watching all the rest of the tv shows I have been watching that are American.

Victorious is ending,( so I really don't even have to give up that,) Good Luck Charlie (really not as entertaining, I was only watching for Gabe anyway.), Icarly ( I have stopped watching since 5th season), Jessie, Austin and Ally, Pair of Kings (I have stopped watching since Brady left), Baby Daddy ( All I have to do is watch music videos and clips on youtube to see when Danny and Riley will finally get together.), Shake it up, Ant farm, Lab Rats,and Covert Affairs( third season is going to be too dramatic anyway) I have given all these up.

Frankly, I don't think it will be a huge deal. I am finding slowly but surely that almost every other country has better plots for their tv shows than we do.

These shows I have already begun or finished watching that aren't American: H20: just add water ( I ignore the third season like most of it didn't happen), Cybergirl, Sherlock ( I will review this later), Elephant Princess, Blue Water High ( I have only watched the third season so far), Connor Undercover ( only Canadian tv show so far), and Jane Eyre (British tv show).

I will start watching these shows most likely: Mako Mermaids ( Secret of Mako Island)(they added a merman it's got to be funny), Legend of the Seeker(maybe), Packed to the Rafters, Slide (unsure about this one really) that's all for now that I know. I haven't really gone through the Bristish or Canadian tv shows list yet.